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Hip Hip Horray! Another milestone here at JoAnn She & Co. Congratulations to all on the launching of this fabulous new website. Well done!

It is our hope that this page will give you, the reader, the highlights of what is happening in the world of fashion and add insight to the ever-changing trends that influence design and style.

I happened to be in New York City on “Earth Day” recently and was charmed to see New Yorkers (people with the biggest hearts) ECO dressing and practicing ECO-friendly acts on the big day. This is a trend that is already high impacting the fashion market at every level and can only continue to grow.

I am happy that Glam Rock layered with “bling bling” has given new meaning to “Embellished Chic”. Metal grommets, eyelets, studs, chains, zipper teeth, etc. are all contributing elements of design. Put this together with little girlie tops and crystal layered jewelry and you're done. Go figure! Of course this look teamed with gladiator style footwear is "De Rigeur" this season.

It’s shaping up to be a vibrant fall. Spring is already ablaze in a glory of strong hues from shoes to handbags to fabulous bold jewelry and accessories. The look of handcrafted subtle tribal luxury is evident in the multi-layered beaded collections that ruled the runway. Looks and jewelry pieces that exude a global inspiration quickly jumped to street chic interpretations.

Have you heard the buzz? Gold is seriously back. The vintage appeal of rose gold is making its way back into the costume jewelry market, especially in tri-metal offerings. Be sure to include gold finishes in your jewelry mix and stay posted.

Isn’t trend really about fashioning identity? It’s the constant quest for personal expression and individualism.

At JoAnn She & Co., the design team is renowned for putting a modern spin on the technical mastery of the classics, creating original design which is always keeping in mind the sign of the times and the pulse of the industry.

Our collection are vast, varied, fabulous, fun, and at the same time affordable and current, We thanks you for shopping with us and look forward to your comments and feedback on our Facebook and Twitter page.
Margot Thompson
06 Jan 2011
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