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About JoAnn She
Headquarters located in New York City, heart of trendy Manhattan
Showroom in Hong Kong
JoAnn She & Co. was established by fashion jewelry enthusiast JoAnn She. Our history roots back to 1987, when the first office was opened in Los Angeles, California. Today, JoAnn She & Co. is headquartered in New York City, in the heart of trendy Manhattan. Driven by a dream for global expansion, we extended our offices to Asia where we now boast a 10,000+ square foot showroom in Hong Kong, as well as manufacturing concerns in China, where all of the products are manufactured.

We have been in business for more than 20 years, giving us ample expertise and recognition in the fashion industry as a leading provider of high quality contemporary and classic costume jewelry. Moreover, our entrepreneurial and global view, along with our passion for this industry have helped establish our legacy in important shows we attend, including The Asia’s Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Fair in Hong Kong, Accessories The Show in New York and Las Vegas, and The IFJAG show in Rhode Island, just to mention a few.

Our customer base is not only limited within the United States, but it’s global as well. We have also been privileged over the years to serve many retail chains, catalog companies, as well as private label companies both domestically and internationally.

We truly welcome an opportunity to establish a meaningful business relationship with you. JoAnn She & Co. is a company with a soul that strives for excellence and is sure to please all of your needs.
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